… from the Global Life Insurance Company, a popular institution in the USA as far as I could find out. Would he have appreciated that? Perhaps yes. At least wellknown mail artist Connie Jean from Florida seems to think so having asked Global to send their usual material of forms and folder to his current posthumous place in Cocoa Beach FL! Thanks for this one Connie, but I would never ever sign for that burial insurance. When old aged people passes away here in Germany and the family or other bereaved can’t afford the burial expences you get money from the federal government so to speak. That is they give you a loan of a three months pay of the deceased one’s old age pension to cover the cost.  So why worry or buy an insurance? I don’t have one either.

One of CJ’s typical envelopes
Not me!
The letter to Ray Johnson. When his corpse was found in the waters os Sag Harbor, N. Y. 1995, it’s said that several thousand dollars were in his bank account – but not the amount shown on the above check!
Was there a RJ family at all?
Spending that sum on a funeral is very strange in my view
Looks to me like art by the late Hanne Darboven
Only for US-Americans! Have a good time until Judgment Day, you guys!

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