… is exactly today! Yep – it’s true (!! Before joining a certain mail art platform back in April 2010, I had no idea that such a day exists at all. Now I know better. And who would mind a global jolly bunch of fruit freaks celebrating THEIR occasion letting it all out once a year? Bananas are very popular in Germany, you can get them everywhere in the country. In 1989 the Berlin wall fell, and many people are of the opinion that it had happened due to the East German’s longing for the yellow fruit not available for them in decades – well, perhaps partly ( Now please have a look at what I’ve received from Greece two days ago. Thank you Katerina!

Year of the Earth Dog too!
I carried out order precisely, didn’t I?
Gotta get me some bananas later!
I never wear glasses, Kate!

3 thoughts on “BANANA LOVERS DAY …

  1. The Minion is wearing “safety” glasses when working hard (smashing cans, using toxic cleansing liquids, etc 🙂 Glad the bananas arrived and you waited for today! There are many, many banana days in the year…’love bananas!


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