… and I’ll tell you why. Because three pieces of mail art by the man from Bremen were delivered into my letter box – well, two envelopes exactly while the parcel was handed over to me just in time coming home from a walk with Kunsthund Domingo. Thanks muchly DADANAUTIK!

There you are! Today’s mail art harvest. All from Mr. DADANAUTIK (
In the parcel were eleven garden gnomes on thin wooden sticks. What these are good for I’ll have to find out.
The envelopes held four magazines, 16 empty envelopes of different sizes …
… and two booklets, one of which is about carrier pigeons. Does that all make any sense in your view?

5 thoughts on “TODAY IS DADANAUTIK DAY …

  1. I found a place for the garden gnomes already, namely a sand heap at a road construction site in my vincinity. Due to winter weather with frost and snow nobody’s working there at the moment and so the little ones can watch the passing by traffic undisturbed.



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