… to me? Well, that ‘s easy to answer: walking around in choosen parts of the city and looking for what people have left in public/private space in form of artistic expression. My criteria ain’t stemming from the art school rules and views. This here is the Off Scene Akademie Hamburg, you guys! It’s also possible to combine these walks, during which I usually take numerous digital shots of the views I like to add to my collection on the PC at home (by now over 5000 pieces!) – to combine them with the practice of Pedestrian Speech Act, which in my view is like practising kind of personal awareness while strolling along. Too theoretical? You may very well think that, but I can’t possibly comment! What follows now is a choice of my material I brought home from a two hours walk yesterday. Enjoy (or don’t)!

01 (Schanzenstaße)
01 – Schanzenstraße (still driving).
02 (Lagerstraße)
02 – Lagerstraße where I parked the red Renault
03 (Beckstraße)
03 – Beckstraße seems to be a good place for pedestrians.
04 (Schlachthofpassage - Flohschanze)
04 – Schlachthofpassage where flea market takes place every Saturday.
05 (Schlachthofpassage mit U-Bahnbrücke)
05 – Schlachthofpassage ends in a bridge leading across the underground rails.
06 (Alternative Lebensführung in der Marktstraße)
06 – Alternative lifestyle on Marktstraße.
07 (Marktstraße)
07 – Marktstraße is a good place to buy stylish clothing (besides other things) and having cake & coffee too. Most important: the Senator’s basement shop on # 29!
08 (Marktstraße)
08 – Colourful Marktstraße.
09 (Laeiszstraße)
09 – Laeiszstraße can also be very interesting from time to time.
10 (Marktstraße)
10 – The urban explorer still on his way in Marktstraße, Karolinenviertel.
11 (Neuer Pferdemarkt)
11 – Neuer Pferdemarkt ain’t too spectactular.
12 (Schulterblatt)
12 – The crossroads where Schulterblatt begins.
13 (Schanzenstraße)
13 – And, of course, famous Schanzenstraße too!
14 (Schulterblatt)
14 – Someone’s looking for his dog, and I forgot giving the guy some change. Shame on me!
15 (Schulterblatt)
15 – Schulterblatt with autonomous communication centre Rote Flora (in the middle).
16 (Schulterblatt)
16 – Schulterblatt looks unusually empty. At # 84 to the right the Senator’s Museum Flat is located.
17 (Rosenhofstraße)
17 – Rosenhofstraße with its wall gallery as I call it.
18 (Rosenhofstraße)
18 – Others seem to be interested in Rosenhofstraße also.
19 (Susannenstraße)
19 – Susannenstraße. My favourite Kurdish restaurant, Lokma, still closed due to necessary renovation and change of owner.
20 (Susannenstrtaße)
20 – Still on Susannenstraße, many shops and nice fairly cheap restaurants are located there.
21 (Susannenstraße)
21 – The bar  on the corner of Susannenstraße/Schanzenstraße had been a site for movie shooting in the 1990s. A series of 14 films entitled Anything But Murder. The main character, a private eye, used to hang out at that bar regularly.
22 (Schanzenstraße)
22 – Here we are on Schanzenstraße again.
23 (Schanzenstraße)
23 – Driving home again. The walk is over since three minutes, and we’re leaving Schanzenstraße now and also the scenic quarter.
24 (Doormannsweg)
24 – Time for a well-earned cookie. Wouldn’t you think so too?
25 – SHOT I
26 – SHOT II
28 – SHOT IV
29 – SHOT V
30 – SHOT VI

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