Yesterday I have paid Senator Stephan Watrin’s basement  shop on Marktstraße 29, Hamburg, this year’s first visit. I had been there so many times before but can always find new magnificent views and arrangements of all the thousands of items.

01 (06.01.18)
Approaching the place.
02 (06.01.18)
He’s got hundreds of these charts in stock.
03 (06.01.18)
Almost nobody roaming around the quarter on the year’s first Saturday.
04 (06.01.18)
Watch your step entering wonderland!
05 (06.01.18)
Some new art by the wireman.
06 (06.01.18)
There you are! The man himself, absorbed by reading his book.
07 (06.01.18)
Here had been the bar years ago when the place started out as gallery cafe.
08 (06.01.18)
But in August 2010 the place burnt down and has never been restored to be a place for drink & food (pizza, soup, cake).
09 (06.01.18)
Instead the additional space was used for placing all kinds of stuff.
10 (06.01.18)
We don’t mind, do we?
11 (06.01.18)
So many things hanging from the relatively low ceiling!
12 (06.01.18)
There’s no system in it at all – the display’s meant to speak to people’s natural mental chaos., in my view.
13 (06.01.18)
This installation of glasses exists since years already. He wrote on the left side on the wall: “Hands off! Otherwise your eyes will be taken out!”
14 (06.01.18)
Don’t ask me what this means.
15 (06.01.18)
Ceiling installation of some of the Senator’s art in the basement’s backroom.
16 (06.01.18)
Told you – pure wonderland!
17 (06.01.18)
My mother had one of these in her kitchen in the 1950s &1960s to preserve food in glass jars.
18 (06.01.18)
But this is something different, obviously!
19 (06.01.18)
Looks like some complicated throat problem to me.
20 (06.01.18)
Well, hello you guys! No need introducing them.
21 (06.01.18)
Also this bloke should be wellknown by now.
22 (06.01.18)
A new one that I haven’t seen before.
23 (06.01.18)
Skinny Brushgirl sculpture?
24 (06.01.18)
The little packages in the wire basket are all filled with cigarette butts the Senator had produced himself years ago!

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