Well, I wouldn’t mind at all, but how to approach the decision-making unit of next documenta ( which will be the 15th then in 2022! As far as I know only “educated” artists got invited and in my view that won’t be changed in the medium term. But I can imagine that a good amount of mail art, government-funded and displayed professionally, would draw enough visitors to make this art-experiment a full success. If it ever would come to that the global mail art “community” would react like ants in their hill stirred up with sticks by naughty children. Now, this came in today from Greece, proud documenta host this time too!. It’s a six page booklet  of 11 cm x 15 cm and made of an  official Athens documenta 14 flyer, brochure, poster or I don’t know what. Thanks a lot Kate!

For the Blue Blockhead, yeah!
Of course!
Pages 1-2
Pages 3-4
Pages 5-6



4 thoughts on “MAIL ART IN DOCUMENTA?

  1. Wow…what if! what if in 2022 there would be mail art in Documenta 15!
    Happy to see this arrived ok, and your collages arrived today too!
    Thank you muchly, Erni 🙂


    1. The certain platform could do some lobby work and give it a try. I’m pretty sure that Herr R. J. would, alas, recommend Mr. Sloan & himself to the documenta people.


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