… is, of course, as good a reason as any other to quit mail art, don’t you think so too? I was really very happy when I received a kind of bulky package from France today.  Seeing the address sticker I immediately knew it had been sent by my good friend Dean Artist in Seine who’s residing in Paris since many years. I met him at a certain platform in October 2011 where we became quite well acquainted soon.  He never bores you with the stuff he sends out and sometimes even jumps over his shadow mail art wise. Now I get informed by him that this was the last item I have received from him so far. He’s gonna move (by car, boat, plane or train?) to a Haptic life – whatever that might be! Since a good while I noticed from our phone conversations and communication in writing that he was longing for a break from his overboarding mail art obligations. Now it seems that the time for that has come.The note ist dated May 31st, but the package arrived today and had been stamped July 10th in Paris. Think what you want – I thank the Artist in Seine very very muchly for all the good times we had together though never having met in person. I’ll miss you already now, man!

Not having been at home when the postwoman rang twice (the THING obviously didn’t fit into my letterbox!) I chased the yellow postal service vehicle in my car and finally got her and IT.
The front side looks as good …
… as the rear.
Well, Dean – you deserve a good break. I know that!
AH! I think the “dedication” refers to a funny video Australian artist Paul Amyes one made:
This is so bloody beautiful! I feel like havin won the first prize at the Freakers Ball for smearing my body up with butter!!





3 thoughts on “MOVING TO A HAPTIC LIFE …

  1. Wow! Dean knows how to create a Haptic beauty!
    Great fun as always…we miss him dearly at the platform,
    but we know that he is busy doing “other things”,
    he’ll be back one day to mail art….but in his own time!


    1. YEAH! The piece is so far out (if I may use an old hippie expression)! You could even say TRIPPY!! He’d been one of the most creative minds at the certain platform for sure!!!


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