… together ain’t available not at all here in the North German flatlands – you can see some distant hills once in a while at most. Of course we have the moon as all other inhabitants of this planet too. Therefore I’m so grateful for the combination of the two that has been in my letterbox yesterday. It came in from Greece being quite  mountainous as I’d been taught in geography lessons at school decades ago. To me this fine card looks like a coloured Zen painting. Thank you muchly too Kate!

The envelope has been made …
… from a February (2017?) calendar sheet.
First thing I found was this half of a postcard.
That’s what the A side looks like.
I never liked these so-called eggheads someone at the certain platform had created and sent out.
What a beauty!

2 thoughts on “MOON AND MOUNTAIN …

  1. Well, I think the “eggheads” are just ridiculous FUN, so I don’t mind.
    Glad you like the “zen” painted card…the acrylic paint was washed across
    some packing papers that came with books from Amazon. I also just
    painted meters of the brown wrapping papers that you use on the packets
    you send to Greece! It will all be used for a new “BLUE” series.
    Reuse…recycle…and make mail art! xxx


    1. The other day I read that we Germans are world champions of recycling – no doubt about that! Now look how fine your card fits with my old Tibetan thangka painting of Manjushri (Tibetan: Jampelyang), the Bodhisattva of wisdom who cuts through one’s ignorance with his sharp sword. I had purchased the artwork at a bazaar in New Delhi in 1971! The brocade fell apart recently and I threw it away.



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