… finally reached my letterbox today. What time you may ask. Well, our postmodern 21st century, of course. Is it a good time? YES, I think. At least in the heartland of EU, France and Germany where mail art’s still flourishing very well as you can see here. A kind of oversized postcard, almost DIN A 4. One look at it and you know who sent me this fine piece of culture. Merci beaucoup dear Artist in Seine. I hope you already had a few satisfying prayer kneeling sessions on the pad I sent you recently? Go ahead with practising until your effort will bear visible fruit!

Should one regard the guy’s testicles as small or normal?
Time waits for no one – not even in a Paris bar!

One thought on “THE ART OF TIME …

  1. TIME from InSeine 🙂
    very nice to see his mail art in our mail boxes!
    …and an Elephant arrived from the Off Scene Academie today,I shall blog tomorrow,
    thanks muchly
    xxx Kate


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