…you’ve probably never heard anything at all. Nor have I -until today when I received an envelope from there. It has been sent by Mr. Thom Courcelle, formerly Seattle USA,  who left worldly matters more or less behind almost two years ago to live with Christian monks somewhere in Vermont. Since October 2014 I hadn’t received any mail from the man. Therefore you can imagine my surprise finding this in my letterbox today at noon.

At first sight I mistook it having been sent by someone else!
See Thom’s fine stamps enlarged.
Can you guess WHO the “Orange” is? I can! Poor fools who voted for that know nothing dabbler who quickly installed an infamous Cabinet of billionaires to rule over them.
Could these two  drawings be a reference to the man’s absolute ignorance concerning such a delicate topic like global climate change?
Dissent ain’t un-American!


I never wore safety pins in my whole life (and shan’t begin doing so now). The so-called Brexit is a grave political and economical mistake and the one’s  who yelled loudest in its favour will pay  dearly for it! That’s how things’ll go, sorry!! And I dig immigrants. Have worked with many and been friends with even more. Germany would face dire straits without them. Google the facts of shrinking population of red blooded Aryans here. Our wealth depends already partly on people havin’ come here continually in the past decades.
Never spoken more truly, Thom!
As I mentioned before. When the “Katzenjammer” comes, I think,  they’ll blame the Krauts for having remained in the EU and now exploiting them! THANK YOU MUCHLY THOM COURCELLE!


  1. Yes, Thom Courcelle has been active…at that platform 🙂
    And he has knitted many “Pink” caps to insult Trump,
    I am hoping to get one soon from Thom.
    Very nice packet full of all kinds of goodies here!
    Thanks for sharing this!
    xxx Kate


    1. Aha! I see. It’s well possible that in the not too far away future there could be impeachment in Washington. As far as I know it’s possible in case the president turns out not being capable to fulfil his duty according to the constitution. And everybody already knows that he ain’t and will never be. What a bunch of idiots he has gathered around him! US seem having changed from the land of the free into the land of the dumb!!


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