… like a mail art boomerang so to speak. When I opened the DIN A 4 envelope from Frieder Speck, Munich, today I expected anything else but not what was actually in it! I hadn’t heard from the man since June 2015 and didn’t think that would probably change for the rest of my life. Vielen Dank dafür Frieder! I’m glad you’re still alive and sending!!

Doesn’t look too promising, does it?
Still living at the same place, I see.
The Grand opening.
Neither did I know  at this time …
… nor now. I had to turn the large newspaper sheet first …
… to GET IT ALL!! This one I had sent out to Katerina Nikoltsou many months ago in 2015. Both, Kate & Frieder, have added something before it came came back to me. What a nice surprise. THANK YOU MUCHLY!!
Ach, Frieder!

4 thoughts on “MY OWN THRASH HITS ME BACK …

  1. Wow! That is an Add ‘n Pass that took many months , years, in the mail! Glad it finally arrived back to you, Erni! I think add ‘n passes are very DADA…adding on and passing on to others.
    It is rare that it finally returns to the originator…but you got it! Yay!
    And I only have a mailing address for Frieder, no email…maybe no computer?


    1. Thank you. I can’t remember having had an e mail from Frieder , nope. I always thought that in Germany literally ALL adults (not to speak from all those teenagers!) have computers of their own and know how to handle them. Could Mr. Speck be THE exception? He should be able affording one because as a terrace house owner he is surely well off enough. Munich is the most expensive city in Germany regarding rent and prices of flats, buildings and property of land etc.
      It seems as if just you and Frieder added something or am I wrong? The double paper sheet I had taken back then from a free Hamburg city magazine called “Stadtlicht” = City Light(s).


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