… at least on December 24th! HA!! I hadn’t expected anything like that at all in my letterbox today. Just yesterday I’ve written here at OSAH that the blogged Greek mail art would most probably be the last item in this year. I herewith happily admit having been bloody wrong with such a statement – ashes on my head, folks! Who is the mail art Santa anyway? Well, look closelyat the front of the “sending” and you’ll know. Only this time according to the stamps the posting must have taken place a couple of days ago somewhere in Germany! Vielen herzlichen Dank dear mail artist. I’ll try to plug in the “Erniness of Life” to lighten up. Promised!!

It’s kind of a flat cardboard box of 28,7 cm x 10,8 cm x 2,5 cm. Have nothing so far received from Mr. DVS and doubt I shall. That’s how things go.                                                                                                      
I don’t see any way to lighten the pretty lady up behind the transparent plastic pane  connecting the fairy lights with 230 volts a. c. So sorry Ma’am!
Even my 0,99 € chocolate Santa remains clueless  how to enlighten the situation.

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