Of course, of course – Isaac Asimov is here referred to. I never read the book (I, Robot) though it had been very famous sf in my youth. I was more into Flash Gordon and Stanislaw Lem and still love some of the latter’s work today. What does this short introduction now lead to, you may think. Directly to this beautiful card (22,7 cm x 14,7 cm) that I found in my letterbox today. It has been created by wellknown LA citizen Mr. Keith chambers. It’s true – I never felt being one of the robot hive or of the square or plastic people segment of German post war society. How did you know Herr artist? Thank you muchly! I especially dig my portrait on the front side. To cite Jack Kerouac: “All day long I wore a hat that wasn’t on my head.”

They delivered well  to the grateful guy.
When I was a kid, I never had any corn flakes (with fresh milk) – in the 1950s Kellog’s had been much too expensive for our working man’s kitchen.

4 thoughts on “I, NOT ROBOT

    1. Fantastic reply, “Squeee DAH! we’re all going to die anyway.”
      Strike the air, stomp the ground before this flesh turns to dust.


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