… had once upon a time been invented by one of our wicked European neighbours as a skilful mean putting the Reich and her young industrial efforts down, but in the end it became the perfect example of what’s called boomerang effect nowadays. The poor wicked ones has long been forgiven for their, from our point of view, most efficient action. Has the wellknown mail artist DEAN ARTIST IN SEINE had all that in mind when he made the large sized postcard that arrived today? Who could tell? Thanks anyway! Merci beaucoup!! Vielen Dank auch!!!

All very mysterious!
Beloved UHU All Addhesive showing the most magnificent of all logos, doesn’t it?



3 thoughts on “MADE IN GERMANY …

  1. Happy it arrived. Not sure he was thinking of anything but being funny. Funny art is a lot more difficult than serious art. One never knows about the viewers humour … or lack of !
    Thanks for posting.


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