… or perhaps not? Many things could happen within the next 15 hours or so. Fire could break out in the house and burn everything to ashes, burglars could snatch the envelopes in question, I could fall seriously ill or even pass away etc., etc. Whatzis all about you now may very well think, and I’ll, of course, tell you immediately. This year is a LEAP YEAR (German: SCHALTJAHR)! That means, as you all know, this month of February extends by one day, namely the famous 29th which exactly will happen tomorrow!

Now on February 15th I already received this envelope from Greece:


Interesting instruction, ain’t it?

A few days later this one from Mr.Finnbadger, USA, has been in my letterbox:


Interesting instruction, ain’t it?

To be continued tomorrow. And that’s today! Early in the morning at five a.m. I performed THE GRAND OPENING and took a few pictures of the contents.  I start with what Katerina Nikoltsou has sent me. There you are:

Card front (9,2 cm x 15,7 cm).
Card rear side.
Calendar sheet rear side (18 cm x 25,5 cm).
Calendar sheet front.

Well, I’m not a fan of this “saga”, not at all. Don’t even know the name of the young woman. Ain’t she a princes so and so? She’s accepted, but I don’t know how to deal with her pet at the moment – shall think about it! Thank you muchly Kate!!

Now it’s time (I’ve got some extra as Frau Nikoltsou has stated so nicely!) for the things Mr. Finnbadger had put in HIS envelope. There you are:

Always welcome!
2769? What does that mean?
This is my 17th Leap Year, I think, being 68 now.
Of course! 2-29-2016.

Well, Herr Finnbadger. Very sophisticated stuff as always. Thank you muchly too!



5 thoughts on “TOMORROW EVER KNOWS …

    1. Happy Leap day, Erni!
      So glad you got a few “Feb.29” mail art things.
      Finnbadger is the “organizer” for this mailing to a few of the
      members of a group called “Clock Lovers” at that platform you don’t go to 🙂
      We made mail art to arrive by today, and be opened only today, Feb.29…
      it gives us all “extra TIME”!!!!


  1. Now , Erni, watch your letterbox in the coming days,
    as there is another mail art project to see how many mailings
    will arrive with the very rare postmark by the postage stamps: 29.2.2016
    or 2 Feb 2016.
    (only once every 4 years!)
    More mail art coming your way soon.
    xxx Kate


    1. I meant : 29 Feb 2016 postmark …
      will the post office clerks stamp the mail art carefully?
      Will it all go through a cold machine and miss getting stamped???
      We shall find out later in the week or next week!


      1. I never knew that one could somehow turn February 29th into a special day so to speak. There’s absolutely no tradition for that here in Germany. But it has been nice of you to think of me. Thanks again.


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