… do you? Look at what I received this morning from Anaheim in California and tell me whether you get the “message” on he card’s rear side. I can only slightly imagine what’s been the original meaning in English. This is so good that I put it on my Buddhist Dharmadada altar, just behind the old photograph that shows some people planting an apple tree in Hamburg Tibetan Gelugpa center in 1991. Thanks a lot Keith. Nice that you’ve been thinking of me:









5 thoughts on “I DON’T UNDERSTAND FLUXUS …

    1. I hadn’t heard from him since a long while. This looks as if he used one of those translation options of his PC or whatever he’s got. In translation it could mean “Fluxus gave no calculation”. That doesn’t make much sense, does it? Perhaps it originally meant that Fluxus has been (or still is in case it’s still alive) incalculable.


  1. Yep, fluxus gives no calculation . . . unfortunately, I could not find the German word for “compute.” Fluxus does not compute.”
    Please forgive me for mutilating your language so badly . . . regarding my hiatus from Erniness, I had taken some months off from mail art in general. Am trying to get back to the network, but doing something different for now [I don’t like being a follower . . . and I’m not too big on gaining a following either].


    1. Fluxus does not compute? Well, I’d say in German: “FLUXUS IST NICHT BERECHNEND.” In my view that means a good deal of spontaneity determines actions.


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