One of the last real great US American post-postmodern art theorizers three years ago described me as a “Self Promoting Thug” and most recently wrote a long statement  about my behaviour in the social networks, now  calling me a “Shameless Self Promoter”. Well, that’s better than nothing in my view, wouldn’t you think so too? His rant inspired me to this post in progress:

01 (04-05-15)                                                  SSP 01

02 (04-05-15)                                                            SSP 02

03 (04-05-15)                                                            SSP 03

04 (04-05-15)                                                  SSP 04

05 (04-05-15)                                                  SSP 05

06 (04-05-15)                                                            SSP 06

07 (04-05-15)                                                   SSP 07

08 (04-06-15)                                                  SSP 08

09 04-06-15)                                                   SSP 09

10 (04-08-15)                                                            SSP 10

011_ji                                                   SSP 11

12jpg                                                  SSP 12

13                                                  SSP 13

14                                                   SSP 14

15                                                   SSP 15

16                                                  SSP 16

17                                                  SSP 17

18                                                   SSP 18

19                                                   SSP 19

20                                                   SSP 20

002_ji                                                   SSP 21

015_ji                                                  SSP 22

025_ji                                                  SSP 23

004_ji                                                  SSP 24

003_ji                                                   SSP 25

006_ji                                                   SSP 26

002_ji                                                   SSP 27

I                                                  SSP 28

II                                                   SSP 29

I                                                   SSP 30

002_ji                                                   SSP 31

038_ji                                                   SSP 32

005_ji                                                   SSP 33

006_ji                                                   SSP 34

013_ji                                                  SSP 35

004_ji                                                  SSP 36

006_ji_ji                                                  SSP 37

007_ji                                                   SSP 38

002.jpg                                                  SSP 39

I                                                   SSP 40

002_ji_ji                                                  SSP 41

42                                                   SSP 42

43                                                   SSP 43

44                                                   SSP 44

45                                                   SSP 45

46                                                   SSP 46

47                                                   SSP 47

48                                                   SSP 48

50                                                   SSP 49

006_ji                                                   SSP 50



  1. Erni, I think your self-promotion is ridiculous and so funny. I find it goofy and it makes me smile. As I told Val, “It’s all the ways he finds to do it that are so silly.”
    It’s only you, but I like it!
    Linda French


    1. Thanks Phillip. What would the art circus be without self promotion? Little scandals, misunderstandings or affairs of any kind are better than no publicity at all. I’m pretty amused by the hateful outbursts of my critic. Had no idea HOW envious he’d become over the years. He could’ve ignored me easily, but in his mental weakness he couldn’t obviously.

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  2. “One of the last real great US American post-postmodern art [theorist] . . .” really! •_• . . . ;]


    1. He is the Greatest Art Theorist of All Time! [GATOAT]

      GOTOAT is a true kiss-ass and like most kiss-asses GOTAOT lies and reverses himself a lot. Here’s what he wrote in January 2014:

      by GATOAT in anti-art, collage, Da Da, found art, mail-art Tags:correspondence, mail-art

      Mail-art by Erni Baer (Hamburg, Germany)
      Here at the Mink Ranch, we are saddened and appalled as we follow the unfolding narrative of Erni Baer’s persecution. He has been summoned by German police because charges have been filed against him by an Austrian mail-artist whom he came in contact with via the IUOMA. We do not wish to comment much further, as this is a legal matter and most Tenderfoots already know the details of the case.

      In support of Erni Baer, whom we do believe is entirely innocent of the ludicrous charges, we share with you classic work he sent us some time ago which we are just now entering into the archives at the Overlook Hotel. Here is the reverse side to the collage above:

      Erni Baer – aka DharmaDaDa – works in collage and with found material. This particular piece is extremely minimalist, as it appears not to have been altered. Much of his collage work involves the juxtaposition of images. Yet it is an ideal piece for MinXus-Lynxus. The packaging is also wonderful:

      And the reverse:

      The strange case of one mail-artist reporting another to the police might be a sign of the times, representing the sensibility of the “New Mail-Art.” Yet there are precedents. Ray Johnson, for instance, was questioned by police in New York because, according to our sources that we believe are reliable, an elderly woman turned him in to authorities for distributing pornography. Someone, as the story goes, added material of a sexual nature to an add-and-pass that bore Johnson’s name and address. The add-and-pass, perhaps by mistake, fell into the hands of the woman who was shocked and offended. All charges were dismissed.
      We hope for the same outcome in the case of Erni Baer.

      Then the Dutchman (wasn’t Anne Frank ratted out by the Dutch?) whistles and the good little kiss-ass reverses himself.


  3. I deliberately chose that noun, Keith. In German it means “Theoretisierer” someone who is not very well educated by systematic studies (the latter would be a “Theoretiker” and the real McCoy), but more a wannabe in that field.

    THEORIZER: n. – Someone who forms or constructs explanations (especially in science or art).


    1. THAT had been a long time ago! I hardly knew the man back then. He had approached me asking a question about one piece of my stuff I had posted a photo of. I had beem absolutely fascinated with the term THRASH in the so-called fine arts. As I can neither draw nor paint and ain’t interested in it too much, there were not many possibilities erxpressing myself besides producing gluepics/collages. Thrash seemed to open doors into really vast rooms, and it did!


  4. HOW dishonest can a man be? This had been posted three years ago about me:

    “DharmDaDa – Originally coined by Erni Baer (Germany), DharmaDaDa is now applied to the name of an artist who believes Trashpo is a deeply spiritual activity. Trashpo DharmaDaDas are Erni Baer, Neil Gordon, and Lynn Radford.

    DharmaDaDa Erni Baer – An artist in Hamburg, Germany, whose Dada-Beat Generation art serves as a foundation for contemporary Trashpo.



    1. That comment made my day! GREAT!! Of course he is just a normal and lovable Kunsthund. At the censorship-platform I have left recently, I had explained meticulously who invented the term, namely my late friend interaction-artist Thomas Peiter from Buxtehude, a place near Hamburg. I had lived in that medieval town for nine years too, and Domingo grew up there:


  5. The cheap censorship I encountered had been justified with the immortal statement: “I don’t discuss – I act”. From Joseph Beuys I learned the important combination of the 2 (reference to Jania Joplin & Big Brother). That’s how it goes sometimes on www, you guys. Can’t be helped muchly. Does VILE DILDO eventually follow this discussion from outside? Who knows?


  6. Hi Erni, well stop by Off-Scene Akademie group from time to time.
    Edmund says “hello” and is getting ready to travel to London!
    Please hold mail art for him, and me :-), until after 1st of May…yay!
    Have a sunshine day…keep smiling! xxx Kate


    1. I wish you a great time in London. My regards to Prince Charles (almost my age?). I have cut the cord from the Edmund Hippo Saga by now. With the Ruuder deleting over a year of funny and ingenious (compared to the rest of his platform) collaborative work for just mentioning the name Hoppe by me – well, I had enough. What HE did is shameless! I don’t feel at all like continuing here with Edmund. What about the original papier maché figure? Do you want it? I could manage to send it over to you. I’m just back from the local post office having posted something for Walter DADANAUTIK:


  7. So, here you are! No one would tell me where you had gone, except Elkan! Will mail you ASAP!


    1. That would mean such an awful lot of work, and, by the way, I’m not a deep, profound thinker. It would cost some money too, and I coudn’t afford it at the moment, you know. I could manage a good art show, that I know, but there are no interested sponsors around. I had translated one book by US American writer Bill Ectric years ago and, with his agreement, published it with a company from Hamburg (BOD=Books On Demand). It’s available from, but, alas, literally nobody puchases it. it ranks 5,6 millions or something.


  8. Oh, YES, Erni…send me the REAL Edmund!
    I have a campaign going at IUOMA that shows that Edmund is a fictitous character who travels the world. Now reference to a Hoppe anywhere! And Edmund was in London with Stripygoose and Mail Art Martha, and they loved him! Several photos are on blogs at IUOMA, and at OSAH group (still active 🙂


  9. Any sign of a mail art postcard from London?
    It was mailed on Monday, it should arrive fast in Germany, no?
    Sure hope that shop man didn’t sell me fake postage stamps 😦


    1. No Ma’m. Nothing from London yet. I’m awfully sorry. Am just back from the city where I took some pics, had a börek with sheep cheese and visited the Senator. I would have sent you the REAL Edmund anyway. This morning I prepared the box, but it will take a little while until actual posting. You’ll be informed by me for being prepared for the great picking up at your post office. I wonder why Mr. Janssen didn’t delete the OSAH group. The fan club EBFC is gone by now. I checked that.


    1. Someone from the “other” side has visited the Off Scene Akademie Hamburg at wordpress a few times recently – most probably to check whether I would be dumb enough telling real names etc. The administration of a certain mail art platform (that I stopped visiting completely, good riddance!) has also paid me visits. Those guys are swell examples of COOLNESS, ain’t they?
      Mottos of the day: “I discuss and I act”. “Any publicity is good publicity for a SPT/SSP”.
      Your spelling reminded me of the great Robert Crumbs female character Dale Kuntstein, abbreviated DK.


      1. That’s an animal bone I had found on that dirt road last Sunday morning during my walk. Perhaps from a pig or sheep, even calf is possible. I couldn’t resist.


  10. A short time ago I received these two attached to an e mail from a friend living in a neighbour country of mine. He has published them “somewhere else” and is awaiting “certain consequenses” he wrote:

    Those who know will know. All others may very well think what they like, I can’t possibly comment.


  11. I went through all of the 83 inserted photographs just now – they’re simply GREAT! I still like myself very much. SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION is a cure I can only recommend to all of you.


      1. Hi out there all you criticizers. This one’s especially for you:


        Of course with love & respect from old Self Promoting Thug Erni!




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